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Energy Efficient Housing Consulting, New and Existing

ConSol has been working with the residential new construction market since 1983, helping builders construct over 50,000 above code homes. New and existing energy efficient homes have gained market share among new home buyers and provide builders with an excellent return on their investment. Energy efficient homes provide marketable financial benefits to homebuyers by reducing monthly utility bills. The home buyer buys on reduce energy bills that can be quantified and demonstrated at the model complex.


  • Measurement, modeling, and analysis of potential electricity or natural gas savings and associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction
  • Documentation of prioritized recommendations for improving efficiency supporting data to validate each measure
  • Project energy and system performance monitoring, evaluating and reporting
  • Field observation, data collection , diagnostic tests
  • Identification and description of all available project specific incentive opportunities
  • Reporting of energy savings, cost impacts, market potential, potential barriers and opportunities
  • Expertise in advanced sustainable energy solutions and energy regulations at the state and national levels

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