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ConSol advanced energy research and analysis services are designed to benefit municipalities, utilities, manufacturers, regulators, and owners to assist in minimizing risk and optimize performance in the ever-evolving energy industry. Using its strength in energy analysis and building simulation, ConSol fosters the innovative use of resources so that buildings are more energy efficient, more cost effective and the building minimizes the impact on the environment. ConSol evaluates different combinations of energy-efficiency and new technologies to develop a preferred solution for our client’s needs.

ConSol can provide the research, white paper and/or a PowerPoint on a variety of topics including:

  • Impacts of codes and regulatory requirements on the building industry
  • Analyses of energy-efficiency features showing the range of efficiency levels, approximate construction costs, financial benefits and cash flow analysis, plus current incentive opportunities
  • Evaluation of kWh and therm savings and accompanying pollutant and greenhouse gas reductions
  • Cost-effectiveness and market strategy of energy efficient products
  • Carbon energy assessment to evaluate and demonstrate the environmental benefits of a community or project to a municipality

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