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Entitlement and Environmental Consulting

Entitlement and Environmental Consulting

ConSol assists land-use planners and land developers with community-scale energy analysis for a wide variety of building product types, ranging from single-family homes to office, industrial, retail, municipal, and residential mixed-use buildings. By conducting early-stage evaluation of natural gas and electricity consumption, as well as potential for on-site generation, ConSol can help land developers better understand the relationship between building design, costs, and GHG savings. ConSol can help developers estimate the energy consumption associated with building to today’s codes and standards, as well as more aggressive targets such as CALGreen Code or Zero Net Energy. ConSol can work with your environmental consultant to evaluate the GHG impacts associated with various approaches to Zero Net Energy construction, including all-electric designs, energy storage (batteries), and community-scale renewables. This engineering-based analysis provides a precise and well-documented approach to developing environmental analysis and compliance reports.

  • Sustainability and above-code building program development
  • Energy modeling for CEQA & NEPA Analysis, Documentation, and Mitigation Measure Implementation
  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Calculation and Mitigation Strategies
  • State and National Energy Regulation and Policy Assessment
  • Market Assessment for commercial and residential new construction and retrofitting
  • Analysis of Site Energy Use for Residential and Commercial Buildings in kWh and Therms for Regulated and Unregulated Loads
  • Alternative financing and public-private business models for community-scale solar and microgrids
  • Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Analysis Including Designing Optimal Sizing of Solar Systems and Development of Energy Efficiency Feature Cost Strategies to Achieve ZNE.