customer-focused culture

Over 35 years, ConSol has built a reputation for high integrity and excellent customer service. 

We strive to ensure our customers’ success and satisfaction.

Program management

ConSol has been supporting utilities and The California Energy Commission (CEC) with energy efficiency, or demand-side management (DSM), program development and execution for over 25 years. These programs have improved the energy efficiency of over 100,000 buildings and homes.

ConSol also provides energy efficiency expertise to local governments, public agencies, trade associations, and equipment manufacturers. We provide policy support, energy studies, site inspections, evaluation measurement & verification (EM&V), and requirements & specifications. California’s utilities and program administrators trust us to design and manage energy efficiency programs in support of their business plans and clean energy goals.

Our highly-skilled staff includes experts in energy code (T24) compliance, energy-efficient building techniques, efficient HVAC & water heating equipment, energy modeling & analysis, field inspection & quality control (QC), training, and energy policy & planning. 

technology integration

  • Full-stack software as a service (SaaS) development, deployment and maintenance. Our Cal Energy Title 24 registry has over 20,000 user sessions and 500,000 page-views per month – with a 99.95% up-time and excellent customer satisfaction.

  • Leverage advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) to provide customers with actionable, energy-saving insights. Remote, non-invasive load monitoring (NILM) with proprietary algorithms can dis-aggregate smart meter data to show energy usage by appliance or category.

  •  WiFi-connected, meter-grade energy monitors provide precise circuit-level energy monitoring for buildings and homes. Monitor and analyse your energy usage. Run what-if analyses. Evaluate, measure and verify (EM&V) energy-saving measures.

  • Tunable spectrum and intensity LED lighting for indoor horticulture. Improve yields and quality while reducing energy bills up to 30%.


  • Energy code (T24) compliance planning

  • New development and construction permitting

  • All-electric, zero-net energy (ZNE) and energy-efficient building techniques

  • Efficient and electric HVAC, water heaters, appliances and equipment

  • On-site solar and storage integration. Net metering for multifamily buildings.

  • Energy modeling & analysis

  • Field inspection & quality control (QC)

  • Online and in-person training

  • Policy & planning