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Residential Home Energy Audits and Assessments, New and Existing

Since 1983 ConSol’s certified raters provide oversight for better built buildings. ConSol’s raters are currently providing quality assurance/quality control for California’s Weatherization Assistance Programs as well as new and existing residential and commercial utility funded programs.

ConSol inspectors hold both CEC HERS and HERS II certifications through CalCERTS and CHEERS. ConSol inspectors are certified to inspect for CSD’s Low-Income Weatherization Assistance Programs (WAP), ENERGY STAR®, Southern Nevada Green Building Partnership, Arizona Green Builder, Environments for Living®, Builders Challenge, Nevada Energy Advanced Building Techniques and Energy Plus programs, CALGreen, National Green Building Standards (ICC-700), the CEC’s New Solar Home Partnership, and the CPUC California Advanced Homes Program (CAHP). In accordance with these inspection certifications, ConSol inspectors perform multi-faceted technical and diagnostic field inspections including identifying efficiency levels and the quality of installation of installed measures. 

Please note that ConSol is no longer performing HERS inspections directly for residential homebuilders since ConSol’s sister company CHEERS has been approved as a California HERS registry.


  • Energy audits and diagnostics performed by certified home energy raters
  • Oversight to ensure compliance with energy code requirements and related programs
  • Audit report development
  • Comprehensive savings analysis
  • Reporting on product and installation failures 
  • Corrective counseling for subcontractors with deficient installations

 Sampling of ConSol inspections:

  • Sealing is in place and proper installation on corners and top and bottom plates
  • Tightness of house envelope with a blower door test
  • Proper installation of HVAC ductwork (minimal compressions, no sharp turns)
  • Tightly sealed connections to ducts, air handlers, drywall, and registers
  • Proper use of caulking, mastic and strapping
  • Duct routing and register locations are as planned
  • Sizes installed for ducting, registers, air handlers, and air returns
  • SEER rating, tonnage rating, furnace efficiency rating, and sizing of furnace match design
  • Air delivery system is sealed within tolerances to deliver at least 94% of conditioned air to conditioned space
  • Airflow circulates as designed
  • Insulation R values installed in walls and ceiling conform to requirements
  • Lack of insulation gaps and compressions
  • Batting is cut properly and not compressed to conform to obstructions or available space
  • Windows meet specification
  • Water heater size and efficiency meet specifications

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