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ConSol studies and assessment are built on decades of industry experience and research expertise. We deliver insights and best practices to help solve client specific business challenges and your unique goals. With every project, you can expect a professional and collaborative partner who is committed to helping you achieve actionable results.

ConSol's team of leading experts can analyze and calculate carbon emissions, energy performance, environmental and fiscal impacts, life cycle costing, code requirements, new legislation and much more. Our insight and experience enable us to tailor studies and assessments to your project specific needs. Combining deep topical knowledge with an extensive background in the energy industry is the key to productive engagements and on-point solutions.


  • Analyze buildings, subdivisions and communities for environmental benefits, energy efficiency and economics
  • Calculate electricity or natural gas savings and associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction
  • Author white papers, articles, presentations, best practice guidelines, and training manuals

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