Energy Efficiency Programs
California Energy Commission/Production Homebuilders

Builder Energy Code Training

ConSol initially began training builders for the 1983 California Energy Code and has been providing energy code training services since. For the past five years, funded by the California Energy Commission (CEC), ConSol was the lead trainer for the Workforce Instructions for Standards and Efficiency (WISE) program which trained homebuilders on cost-effective compliance with California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24, Part 6). ConSol also provided training for carbon reduction strategies including electrification and all-electric homebuilding. We trained homebuilders’ construction staff in proper construction techniques and installation of energy-efficient equipment, including electric heat pump water heaters and HVAC.

Through the WISE program, ConSol has trained 18 of the top 20 homebuilders in California. ConSol has longstanding relationships with the decision-makers of these homebuilders which greatly benefited our ability to schedule and provide training sessions for their staff. ConSol leveraged our 35+ years of energy-efficient homebuilding experience to provide knowledgeable, up-to-date and cost-effective technical support for the homebuilders that we trained.

The 2016 and 2019 codes resulted in the most significant changes to new construction practices the California building industry has ever seen. Without proper training on the new standards, methods, and materials, the building industry struggled to find safe, cost-effective approaches to meeting the new standards as well as finding enough skilled workers for the installation of specific features such as high-performance attics and walls.

ConSol’s training has influenced all levels of California’s home construction value chain, fundamentally transforming new home construction practices to integrate new building components. ConSol facilitated these market transformations through upstream education of construction specification decision-makers and through downstream implementation of training for installers and inspectors.

The program’s goal was to transition the California new home construction market to more energy-efficient construction practices, increase market adoption of high-performance walls and attics, and increase the supply of workers with the required construction and installation skills. Other goals included the minimization of cost increases and risks to California businesses while making the significant changes to their construction practices.

This experience in developing building strategies, training materials, and conducting training sessions with nearly all of the top builders in California has established ConSol as a trusted source for technical assistance including building methods and materials, high-efficiency (and all-electric) equipment, code impacts and compliance, as well as above-code building methods and equipment options.