Technology Integration
Developers/Homebuilders/Solar Developers

Community Solar/Shared Solar

The 2019 California Energy Code (Title 24, Part 6) requires all new residential construction (up to three stories) to have enough photovoltaic power generation to offset the expected annual electricity use (measured in kWh and determined by the living area of the building). While most buildings use rooftop photovoltaic systems for compliance, another available option is community, or shared, solar. Any entity can apply for community solar approval as long as they demonstrate to the California Energy Commission’s satisfaction compliance with Section 10-115(a)1-6 of California Energy Code. ConSol leverages our strong relationships with California’s developers and builders to match demand for community solar with solar generation developers. We also consult with financial groups that specialize in the financing solar generation developments.

ConSol can help developers, builders, and solar developers with:

  • Comparative evaluation of rooftop vs. community solar and other alternative compliance strategies
  • Matching community solar demand from developers/builders with solar generation developers
  • Community solar project assessment – energy generation requirements and financial models
  • California Energy Code (Title 24, Part 6) compliance strategies
  • Financing strategies and lenders for community solar projects