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Product Market Development

The construction industry is cautious when it comes to adopting new and innovative technologies. This is primarily due to risk aversion, cost concerns, and the need for work force training. ConSol can help bring new energy-efficient technologies to market by leveraging our 35+ years of experience dealing with energy codes and regulations, our longstanding relationships with production homebuilders and regulators, and our ability to understand how new technologies fit into the current market.

ConSol helps product manufacturers quantify energy and cost savings, overcome code compliance issues, and obtain formal recognition of improved energy efficiency performance. ConSol works closely with energy code regulators to determine and optimize energy impacts for new technologies. We also work with the top production homebuilders to evaluate and demonstrate energy, cost, and labor impacts.

A recent example of ConSol’s effectiveness in overcoming market barriers is our assistance in the successful introduction of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s “Thin Triple” Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) technology. LBNL’s groundbreaking design achieves triple-pane efficiencies with an IGU of similar weight and thickness to double-pane IGUs. This is accomplished with a special thin (0.07″) inner layer of glass that was initially designed and manufactured for cell phone screens. Despite these advantages, LBNL’s design was available for decades without achieving market penetration. The California Energy Commission (CEC) requested ConSol to work with window manufacturers and homebuilders to generate market interest to build and demonstrate prototype thin-triple windows. ConSol organized a meeting with many California IGU and window manufacturers, local utilities, and CEC representatives to promote awareness of the technology. Shortly afterward, incentives were offered by utilities for homebuilders that used these highly efficient windows. Today thin-triple windows are being used in new construction across California.

ConSol can help product manufacturers with:

  • Analyses to quantify the energy and carbon savings attributable to the new product
  • Working with the California Energy Commission to obtain appropriate Energy Design Rating (EDR) credits in California Building Energy Code Compliance (CBECC) software
  • Promotion of products to the top production homebuilders in the United States
  • Promotion of technologies to the top manufacturers in the United States
  • Overcoming state and local building code barriers to entry
  • Market analyses and forecasts