Energy Efficiency Programs
California Department of Community Services and Development

Quality Assurance (QA) and Field Inspections

From 1990 to 2016, ConSol performed quality assurance (HERS) inspections involving 800,000+ new homes in California and Nevada. ConSol developed on-site skills for effective inspections, corrective actions for failures, and communication with site superintendents. Off-site, ConSol has developed time-efficient scheduling and reporting systems that coordinate with builders and clients.


From 2011 through 2020, ConSol performed over 14,000 quality assurance inspections on selected homes and apartments weatherized by the California Department of Community Services and Development’s (CSD) statewide low-income weatherization program, one of several CSD programs aimed at providing improved quality of life for low-income Californians. ConSol won three consecutive competitive solicitations for the CSD program, a testament to our customer’s satisfaction with our program performance. CSD relied on ConSol to assess the quality of the work performed by these agencies, and to provide corrective guidance and technical support as needed to maintain or improve the quality of installations. In order to provide effective program management for work performed throughout many regions within the state, ConSol has developed extensive infrastructure, database, quality control, and reporting procedures. Through this program, ConSol has gained extensive experience in developing quality assurance protocols and conducting field inspections. This experience ensures ConSol’s inspections are conducted accurately and cost-effectively.