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Going all-electric doesn't have to be confusing, let us handle it.
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Learn about all-electric now and what it entails for low-rise residential buildings. This one hour webinar will cover the potential benefits to builders and developers of making the switch to cleaner fuels, and look at some of the economic questions and trade-offs arising from switching building technology to all-electric.

Join us for this 60 minute webinar.
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An older home may be more reliant on fossil fuels than you think. Switching to a home that is all-electric can lower energy costs, modernize the home, and reduce the building’s carbon footprint. Today’s electric appliances are designed to need a smaller amount of energy to do their job. 

Simply put, all-electric living is making the switch from gas to electric – at home, at work and on the road. Homes and businesses in our area already are powered by carbon-free electricity thanks to our clean energy options, so going all-electric allows you to truly live a carbon-free lifestyle.

An all-electric home is more efficient, comfortable and safe. Appliances run exclusively on clean electricity from sources such as solar, wind and hydropower – rather than fossil fuels that harm indoor air quality and pollute the environment. 

California has set a goal of becoming green by 2045—carbon neutral, and energy independent. This is an ambitious endeavor for any state, let alone one that has roughly 40 million people. We are all going to need to do our part to make a difference.

So what are the biggest problem areas? Turns out, they are closer than you think.

California buildings—and this means homes—are responsible for more than a quarter of all statewide greenhouse gas emissions. That’s right: our homes rank just behind cars as the single largest source of pollution in the state. Simply put, we can’t meet our climate goals without addressing emissions from our buildings.

By introducing clean electric appliances into our lives, we can remove greenhouse gas emissions, make our homes warmer, healthier, and just generally better. Better for you. Better for the state. Better for the planet.

Like a win-win-win. And you can make it happen.