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CALGreen, the nation's first statewide mandatory green building standard, has been revised to the 2013 California Green Building Standards Code effective January 1, 2014. CALGreen establishes mandatory regulations that will achieve major reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and water usage. This training can be focused on low-rise residential, high-rise residential and commercial projects. The mandatory provisions will: reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 3 million metric tons by 2020; reduce water use by 20 percent or more; and divert 50 percent of construction waste from landfills. Voluntary reach or tier provisions further increase energy and resource savings estimates.

ConSol training is designed to provide groups and organization (5 or more) with a first rate educational experience focused on the development of skills and technical expertise needed for the growing energy industry.

  • Customizable curriculum and in-depth content, detailed training materials designed by industry experts.
  • Flexible course scheduling: in-house, on-site, or on-line
  • Knowledgeable, courteous and professional staff
  • Cost effective training solution to fit your budget and program goals
  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs), proctoring, field mentoring, and self-paced classes are available