Energy Efficiency Programs
California Energy Commission/Southern California Edison

All-Electric Homebuilding

ConSol was selected by the California Energy Commission (CEC) and Southern California Edison (SCE) to assess and evaluate the current market conditions as they relate to all-electric homes and to reach out to homebuilders and train them in the best practices for the design and construction of all-electric homes.

The goals of this program are to provide market analyses and training to support the development and adoption of all-electric homes. This is centered on direct outreach and training to builders, and includes analysis of the current market and the costs related to all-electric home construction, including direct material costs, infrastructure costs, and on-bill costs. The data gathered from the market analyses will directly benefit builder recruitment and design assistance. Our approach to SoCal Edison’s all-electric focused program is provided below.

Market Assessment and Evaluation

The goal of this task is to evaluate the current market for all-electric homes. This will include builders’ and homebuyers’ attitudes to all-electric houses, cost differences between mixed-fuel and all-electric houses, utility infrastructure cost differences, code compliance issues related to the use of all-electric systems and appliances, and the possible impacts of future changes in building codes and legislation. The purpose of the work carried out in this task is to ensure that subsequent outreach is targeted towards sections of the industry where it will be most effective, and that education and training materials are based on complete and current information.


The outreach section of the project has two distinct aims. One is to educate stakeholders about the issues involved with building all-electric houses, and the other is to work with market actors to ensure that any preexisting knowledge is disseminated to other stakeholders. To create the training materials, ConSol is working with manufacturers, suppliers, builders, subcontractors, building departments, energy consultants, and program managers to develop training materials for educating market actors about best practices, available products, systems, and strategies.

Classroom Education

The materials created for the market assessment and outreach tasks will form the core of the education and training materials. We will build on the information compiled during outreach and assessment to create a portfolio of materials which will address all-electric houses from the perspective of the different stakeholders.


ConSol will prepare and present a series of webinars on all-electric houses, with each webinar covering a different topic.

Online Resources

ConSol will also establish an online library containing copies of the materials developed for the classrooms and for the webinars, including presentations and handouts, fact sheets, design guides, and product specification sheets.