BUILDING A CLEAN ENERGY FUTURE Environmental regulations are changing the way we build and live
Clean energy is the future and ConSol can help you get there
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CONSULTING SERVICES ConSol works with the majority of production builders in California // Building Science and Energy Code LEARN MORE ENERGY EFFICIENCY
ConSol is trusted by California's largest utilities and government agencies // Program Management LEARN MORE
Minimize greenhouse gases while maximizing economic efficiency // Creative Technology Solutions

ConSol is Trusted By
California's Leading Builders and Utilities

Consulting <br>Services
We help developers, builders, trade associations, and manufacturers navigate California's regulations and markets.
Energy Efficiency Programs
Energy Efficiency Programs
We provide turn-key program development and management for utilities, CCAs, and government agencies.
Technology Integration
Technology Integration
We develop creative technology solutions that minimize emissions while maximizing economic efficiency.
Homes With Reduced Emissions
ConSol has improved the energy efficiency of over 150,000 homes in California
Tons of CO2e Emissions Avoided
By designing more efficient and electrified homes, and retrofitting existing homes
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ConSol’s diverse experience and expertise leads to creative program and technology solutions. 
For over 35 years, our customer-focused culture has delivered success for our clients.

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“Consol has a deep understanding of the energy codes and standards from a home builders perspective – including the importance of high-quality construction practices and risk management. They provide great value in in reviewing emerging technologies and determining the most cost-effective energy code compliance strategies for the California market.”

Jim Peterson
Vice President

“CBIA has used ConSol as a technical consultant since the mid 90’s. ConSol’s expertise in energy efficiency, the building industry, energy codes, construction practices and emerging technologies has helped CBIA deliver consistent results to our members.”

Bob Raymer
Technical Director

“Being an energy manager for 13 years, I have performed many audits and ConSol easily outshined the others in their thoroughness and attention to details in identifying and reporting of the energy efficiency measures.”

Frank DiLiddo
Energy Manager

“The people at ConSol are building science experts and always up-to-date on new building codes. You can always count on them for  accurate, unbiased advice.”


Joyce Mason