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Since 1983 ConSol has been providing energy solutions for new and existing buildings in the form of innovative approaches, in-depth analysis, extensive industry insight and value-driven results. ConSol offers leading-edge research and energy consulting in systems, technologies, codes and energy-efficiency program development to improve the sustainability of new and existing residential and commercial buildings and developments. ConSol is dedicated to helping our clients provide resource-efficient homes and buildings that are efficient, affordable and sustainable. ConSol strives to provide value-added services and form long-term partnerships with our clients.

ConSol Publications Available!

ConSol has provided research for a number of groups on a variety of topics including the impacts of codes and regulatory requirements on the building industry, cost-effectiveness of a particular building product and carbon energy assessment to evaluate and demonstrate the environmental benefits of a community or project. ConSol’s team of industry experts leverage strong market analysis experience, deep analytical skill sets in emerging technology and energy markets, and an expansive knowledge in a variety of energy, building and technology sectors to develop innovative and insightful research publications for our clients.

California’s 2016 Residential Energy Efficiency Standards: Compliance Cost & Design
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California's Residential Indoor Water Use
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Energy Analysis for Window Films Applications in New and Existing Homes and Offices
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California’s 2013 Residential Energy Efficiency Standards: Compliance Cost & Design Impact (updated Jan 2014)

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Carbon Footprint of Single-Family Residential New Construction
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Meeting AB 32 Cost-Effective Green House Gas Reductions in the Residential Sector
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