Full-Stack Software Development

ConSol’s full-stack software development capability is demonstrated by our sister company CHEERS’s energy registry. ConSol assisted CHEERS to build the entire technology stack, user interface, and required interaction with California Energy Commission validation services.

California building projects must comply with California Energy Code (Title 24). CHEERS is California’s central database where builders, contractors, architects, energy consultants, HERS Raters and other industry stakeholders registry and document compliance for California’s Energy Code. Building departments verify project compliance with the California Energy Code in CHEERS prior to issuing a certificate of occupancy or final sign-off.

CHEERS is constantly incorporating new features to improve user experience. ConSol’s in-house digital marketing team has developed advanced digital marketing techniques to engage building processionals. This work has paid off with exceptional response rates and new customer acquisition. We now apply this digital expertise to support utility and CCA programs that require promotion to their customers.

CHEERS Technology Platform

CHEERS develops new ways for building professionals to coordinate and implement California Energy Code:

  • Intuitive, Mobile Interface – Intuitive navigation through the complex energy code documentation process
  • Documents and File Storage – Every project includes a space to share pictures, documents, and important files. Since everyone on the project has access, people will know exactly where to find everything
  • Activity Wall – Keep the Title 24 conversation in one spot. Add important notes and pictures every project member can review
  • Notifications – Alert system for new activity, tasks, comments, and more
  • Building Department Access – Fast access and compliance verification for building department officials
Technology Integration