Technology Integration
CCAs and Utilities

Rebate Program Platform

Rebate programs are one of the most widely used program types to incentivize energy efficiency. For CCAs, and smaller utilities, managing rebate programs can require significant staff time to review and approve applications, manage trade partners, and make rebate payments. ConSol has developed a new cloud-based rebate platform specifically for CCAs and smaller utilities. Our rebate platform integrates seamlessly with CCA and utility websites to increase customer engagement and provide them with a user-friendly experience. All back-end workflows, payment, and reporting can be automated to significantly reduce the CCA and utility staff workloads. This Software as a Service (SaaS) platform is extremely cost-effective for CCAs and utilities because it significantly reduces the amount of staff time required to manage a rebate program portfolio. The platform includes advanced CRM functionality and third party software integrations, and all customer data is securely stored on Microsoft’s Azure cloud-based servers.

The Rebate Program Platform includes:

  • Online customer portal that integrates seamlessly with utility/CCA website and increases rebate program participation
  • Easy to fill out application form with one-click submission – application information is automatically stored in a secure relational database
  • Deemed/prescriptive savings and complex custom calculators for automated tracking and reporting
  • Utility staff portals and dashboards with customizable automated reports
  • Automated, multi-level approval workflow with email alerts and approvals
  • Automated sync with third party accounts payable software
  • Trade partner management dashboards and trade partner portals that streamline and automate direct install programs
  • Advanced CRM functionality
  • Integration with ENERGY STAR
  • Accessibility via PC, laptop, or mobile device
  • Utility/CCA staff training