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Distributed Energy Resources

Each year an increasing percentage of California’s energy comes from renewable sources, such as solar and wind. This leads to a surplus of low-cost energy during peak sunlight hours while still requiring expensive and carbon-intensive natural gas power plants in the evenings (peak load). California’s utilities have responded with more aggressive time-of-use rates that incentivize customers to consume energy when it is less expensive and cleaner to generate, and to disincentivize energy consumption when it is expensive to generate and more carbon-intensive.

As this trend accelerates, technologies that store surplus energy and shift demand will provide additional economic value. Distributed energy resources (DERs) are electricity-producing resources (such as rooftop solar), energy storage resources (such as battery storage systems), or controllable loads (such as smart thermostats, water heaters, and electric vehicle chargers) that are networked and controlled to balance supply and demand. DERs provide valuable services to the grid while providing economic benefits to communities, businesses, and homes.

ConSol can help developers and builders mitigate environmental impacts while improving the affordability of communities with innovative DER strategies:

  • Distributed energy storage systems and community energy storage strategies
  • Automated demand response networks
  • Controllable smart thermostats, heat pump water heaters, and electric vehicle chargers
  • Microgrid/DER strategies