Technology Integration
Utilities and Community Choice Aggregators

Automated Demand Response

As renewable energy comes to dominate power generation, demand flexibility will be a critical component to ensure that power is used when it is cleaner and less expensive. As we electrify HVAC, water heating, automobiles, and industrial processes, power load will grow but also become more flexible. Ultimately, automated load flexibility is a critical component for the clean energy transition.

ConSol’s Automated Demand Response (ADR) program philosophy is to provide utilities and CCAs with turn-key, cost-effective, flexible, and scalable ADR and Distributed Energy Resources (DER) solutions. A key component in achieving this is the OpenADR messaging protocol standard. OpenADR provides turn-key connectivity with the Zen Thermostat, ecobee, Honeywell and many other OpenADR-certified devices. OpenADR is quickly emerging as the standard messaging protocol for ADR and energy Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices. By building our energy management ecosystems around OpenADR, we ensure that they can adapt as energy IoT technologies evolve.

ConSol has partnered with GridFabric, the original developers of the OpenADR protocol, to provide the most cost-effective and scalable Virtual Top Node/Virtual End Node (VTN/VEN) ADR network solution. Another name for a VTN/VEN network is distributed energy resource management system (DERMS). GridFabric’s DERMS solution can accommodate any OpenADR or proprietary ADR equipment including Google Nest thermostats.

Key Program Features:

  • Turn-key ADR program based on mature technologies and open-source software and standards. This approach minimizes utility/CCA staff workload and ensures a rapid program launch
  • Flexible technology solution that can accommodate any OpenADR-compatible IoT device to support additional ADR/DER assets including commercial loads, agricultural loads, battery storage, managed EV charging, and hot water energy storage
  • Sleek, high-tech devices and software interfaces that enhance utility/CCA branding and promote customer engagement
  • Automated marketing campaigns, tailored for each utility/CCA customer segment (for example: residential, low-income, agriculture, small/medium commercial, and large commercial), that ensure high enrollment rates and access for all income levels
  • Automated “DR Performance Credit” incentive structure that allows utilities/CCAs to offer customers a smart thermostat without any concerns regarding return on investment risk
  • Integrated customer portal to maximize customer enrollment and engagement
  • Secure Microsoft Azure cloud-based, unified program database to protect and manage customer information
  • Automated marketing campaigns, customer enrollment, energy use analyses, installation scheduling, customer/tech support, EM&V performance calculations, and DR event emails/messages to minimize program cost and maximize customer satisfaction
  • Utility/CCA program management portal with interactive, real-time program tracking and reports